Betty Miller
How are your paddles finished?
Our paddles are cut, sanded, edges rounded, stained if ordered, and
then 4-6 coats of hand rubbed varnish is applied.

If I custom order a paddle how long will it take to be complete?
Approximate delivery time is three weeks for  items not in stock.
That breaks down into, shop time about one day, for cut, sand, ect.
Finishing takes almost 2 weeks, 4-6 days of finish coats and 8-10 days
dry time, to allow for complete drying of finishes. Then a few days
for the delivery person.  Not a great sacrifice for a quality piece of
handmade spanking pleasure.    

How can I best care for my paddle?
It is made from the same types of wood as fine quality furniture, so
treat them as kindly as you would grand maw’s hutch. Prevent
scratches by wrapping or protecting you paddle with some sort of
covering during transport.  Sanitize it as needed with an approved
hard surface sanitizing agent. Clean it with a good quality wood
cleaner, then I like a coat of any quality paste wax that you may
already use in your home, if you don’t have any you should. Most
home improvement stores carry at least one brand, most good
neighborhood paint stores carry some as well. Follow the directions
on the package.  Nothing will make your paddle feel silkier as you
slide it back and forth across your bottoms bottom than a freshly
polished coat of wax.

How can I repair a scratch?
If you wish we can always repair your finishes for you. Contact us and
we will gladly quote you a price based on what type you own and
how badly it is damaged. Small surface scratches or abrasions can be
repaired with any brand of  varnish/polyurethane. Simply scuff it
with 000 or 0000 steel wool, remove the dust and apply the varnish
of your choice. Any brand of wipe on poly works great. Warning be
sure to follow all manufacturer’s directions for any finishing

Any questions, simply send us a email and we will try our best to help
you in any way we can

Gene - Owner

North Carolina