Betty Miller

Bullmoose's bearing-style floggers are made from quality bearing
assemblies and premium upholstery grade hides, or if you are more
into thud, we also offer a medium weight suede. They consist of
from 20 to 30 one-half inch wide tails 20 inches long. The variance in
tail count comes from the hide thickness and the necessity of fitting
the leather into the bearing cups.

These floggers are really easy to use and control. They also are easy
on the Tops wrist. I have moderate carpel tunnel syndrome and this
is the only type flogger I can use without pain.

As noted above the thickness of hides vary from lot to lot. So email
us your thickness/weight request and we will select the stock that
best suits your needs.

We will also be happy to offer shorter length tails at no charge if you
are short of height, or just want to work closer in to your
submissive. Many find using a shorter tail length beneficial on the
more delicate bits of the body.

Colors of Leather we carry.
Black - Blue - Green - Red

Colors of Suede we carry.
ck - Red

Floggers are $80 a pair or $40 for a single Flogger.

If we can help in any way with your decision making process, feel
free to contact us.     
Gene - Owner

North Carolina